Punta Dakota

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You won’t find Punta Dakota on any map of Costa Rica, and if you stop to ask for directions you should inquire about the nearby Puerto Coyote because none of the locals have ever  heard of a geographical feature by the name of Dakota.  It’s because the moniker was bestowed (in honor of their home state) by the group who’re building an amazing retreat on a hill above Playa Coyote.

Villas Punta Dakota

Villas Punta Dakota

We found Villas Punta Dakota while searching for a beach house rental where we could host our neighbors from Colorado for a week of decompression on the playa after a week of exploration of the volcanoes and rain forests in the interior.  We wanted somewhere all eleven of us could enjoy and the vast majority of rentals in Costa Rica are just much too small.

Dakota was an unequivocal hit.  Comments from the adults who were on vacation from their high pressure high tech jobs included “Wow!”, “The best vacation of my life.”, and “I haven’t been this relaxed for years!”  The kids volunteered gems like “Can we stay here forever?”, “This house is cool” and another half dozen “Wows!”

Unlike our neighbors (all first time visitors), Sue and I have been almost everywhere in our pursuit of an accurate map of Costa Rica and Punta Dakota and Playa Coyote are now firmly anchored on our top ten list as well.

Playa Coyote south of Estero Coyote is a great beach for kids

Coyote Beach

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